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 Simoleans Information!

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PostSubject: Simoleans Information!   Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:33 am

Hi Simmers,

You can now earn Simoleans while you are posting at this forum. And the Simoleans will be added automatic to your account when you have posted at this forum. And we will make contests at this forum where you can win some Simoleans and buy exclusive Sims downloads or even your own custom forum....

Q: How can i earn Simoleans?

A: You can earn Simoleans while you are posting new posts or new topic's at this forum and you can win Simoleans with our contests. You can't earn Simoleans with the "Thanks" button and with Poll voting.

Q: What can i do with the Simoleans?

A: You can buy cool stuff at our Simoleans store. Like: a Avi, Special Sims downloads and lot more...

Q: Can i donate Simoleans to other users?

A: No, not at this moment.

Q: Can i buy Simoleans with real money?

A: No, you can't buy simoleans with real money. All our stuff at our main site and at this forum is 100% free. And it must stay free forever.

Q: How much Simoleans can i earn with posting?

A: Here is a list what you can earn:

Happy Sun Sims Info:
* Forum Rules, Information and Suggestions. ---> Nothing.
* News and Updates! ---> $2 per post.
* New here? Post here a little intro about yourself. ---> $2 per post $5 per topic.

Happy Sun Sims Room:
* Closed Sims Site's Downloads ---> Nothing.

Members Room:
* Sims 2 Creations ---> $2 per post $8 per topic.
* Sims 3 Creations ---> $2 per post $8 per topic.
* Sims Chat and Story's ---> $2 per post $3 per topic.
* Advertise your Sims website here ---> $2 per post $3 per topic.

Simoleans Shop (Forum Points):
* Information, Questions and Suggestions. ---> $2 per post $3 per topic.
* Buy here Site goodies! ---> $2 per post.
* Buy here Sims Creations! ---> $2 per post.

Real Life Chat!:
* Go Offtopic. ---> $2 per post $3 per topic.
* Forum Games. ---> $1 per post $2 per topic.

* Old, dead treads. ---> Nothing.

Still a question about this system? Feel free to post here your question. fun
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Simoleans Information!

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